Authorised Distributor and Stockist for Sensorex USA. Made in the USA, Sensorex pH Sensors offers rapid response time and excellent calibration stability.

pH Sensors

pH Sensors

pH Sensors

pH Controllers

pH Controllers

Horiba OCMA-500 Series

OCMA series is used to measure the concentration of oil extracted from industrial, drainage and environmental waters using the Solvent Extraction – Non-Dispersive Infrared Absorption (NDIR) analysis method. For various applications such as discharge control, environmental protection and quality control.


Fully automated one-touch operation, from oil extraction to sample measurement and draining.


Measure residual oil-in-water samples and concentrations of oil adhered on solids such as bolts and nuts, soil etc.

S-316 Oil Extraction Solvent

HORIBA extraction solvent for oil measurement

Delta-Phase USA

Wide range of Industrial and Municipal Process Control Instrumentation for Water and Gas Monitoring.

UV Fluorescence Immersion Cross Smart Sensors

Usage for Hydrocarbon, Oil-in-Water, Phenol, Cyanobacteria and Chlorophyll

UV-Vis Spectra Analyzing Sensor

Conductivity Sensor

Turbidity / Suspended Solids Sensor

Instrumentation Skids

We fabricate water quality sampling skids. We also integrate instruments within the skids.

Sampling Skids

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